Online Distance Learning

CAPDM helps you to deal with the scalability and commercialisation of online distance learning.

High quality, high volume education needs a formal footing.

The development of the following is essential:

  • a highly advanced knowledge management infrastructure,
  • high quality learning materials, and
  • innovative and flexible approaches to student administration.

With the right model, a good product, and attractive market characteristics, substantial additional income streams can be generated.

CAPDM can help universities to gain the coherence and capability to manage and deliver.

The overall benefits are not necessarily just financial. There is the potential of building a strong research base ? in education, knowledge management and e-commerce ? as well as an improvement to the quality of the student learning experience.

The key to success in distance learning today is content quality and effectiveness of the overall learning and teaching processes.?Whether used in a ?mixed learning? environment or on its own, online distance learning is an important option.

The strategic significance of distance learning

CAPDM helps universities to implement high quality distance learning programmes, which can:

  • enhance the university?s reputation;
  • generate substantial additional funding
  • build on-going relationships with individual students and student groups;
  • build an ?asset base? of teaching materials that helps the university maintain educational standards and deliver both on-campus and off- campus programmes on an on-going basis, without interruption;
  • help university staff to develop advanced digital teaching skills.


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