Education Business Development

A major benefit of flexible learning programmes is that they are usually infinitely scalable i.e. there is no limit to the number of students that can be enrolled on the programme. It is this potential to expand the number of students that justifies the costs of developing these programmes in the first place. However this justification is only valid if a conscious effort is made to recruit the additional students. In short, you need to build a business based on the programme.

CAPDM offers two executive management consultancy programmes that have been designed specifically to help universities, colleges and professional education providers manage this strategic, business development goal:

  • Education business development programme
  • Market strategy development programme

The education business development programme consists of a three-day management programme that helps education providers to develop four critical models for business success:

  1. Business model ? incorporating ways to work profitably with third party marketing and sales partners.
  2. Pedagogic model ? comprising pragmatic designs for commercially viable tutoring and studying environments.
  3. Content architecture ? creating flexible information architectures that enable efficient exploitation of learning assets worldwide.
  4. Services architecture ? enabling flexible, student-oriented administration, production and delivery processes.

This programme is complemented by CAPDM?s market strategy development programme, which forms a pragmatic introduction to the process of developing a successful market strategy for existing or new programmes.

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