Adaptive Learning Presentation to MoodleMoot 2017 in London, UK

Ken Currie has presented?at MoodleMoot partnership with our customer the University of London International Programmes group.

The presentation is on the subject of adaptive learning, as enabled by smart (semantic) content.

‘An Adaptive Learning Methodology and Module for Moodle’ presentation for MoodleMoot 2017

Here some of Ken’s thoughts about the MoodleMoot conference:

?MoodleMoot UK 2017 attracted over 400 attendees to the meeting in London.? Much of the focus on Day 1 was on ?Mobile?, whereas Day 2 seemed to be more about ?Analytics?.
CAPDM and UoLIA presented on the second day and to a large gathering.? Our talk on ?Adaptive Learning? fitted well with the interests in Analytics so was of direct relevance to the audience.
It was interesting that even in such a large audience, only one person claimed that their institution built their content in a ?smart? way (a pre-requisite of the adaptivity on offer) in XML and no one claimed to have an adaptive learning engine or system.
This is an area very much in its infancy, but tied to analytics it is one that will attract future interest in the quest to enhance personalisation and feedback to students.?

CAPDM’s adaptive learning approach directly leverages the use of learning objectives to provide students a much more personalised learning experience.

In the past we have used this technology for both formative (end of part quizzes) and summative (mock-exam practice) course components and testing. We did some early work a while ago on using it for competency frameworks for industry too, using the Microsoft MCSE desktop training frameworks.

For more information on this, please read our briefing paper on “Competency Frameworks in Practice“.

Our latest work being presented at MoodleMoot shows that it now allows dynamic content re-configuration based on individual student progress against the Learning Objectives.

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