The future is digital, but still some way off

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The future is digital, but still some way off

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Dear Reader,

Last week I was in Hong Kong, where everyone on the metro and buses seemed to be glued to their mobile device screens, and to a level above what I see daily on my commute to work in Edinburgh. The evidence is that general consumer reading is so obviously digitally oriented nowadays to be the norm.

Despite this trend, higher education has been slow to adopt similar technologies, even though today’s learning environments offer significant additional support, feedback and tutor intervention features. Why is this?

Well, for a start, higher education faces a myriad of challenges when it comes to converting to digital, many of which are purely internally created. While industry generally looks for a best means of developing a successful business, higher education often looks for reasons not to do so.
However, if we ignore these barriers, universities can be slow to adopt digital technology because they simply lack a resource to do so efficiently.

Most publishers seem to be ‘digital ready’ with their content, at least according to this recent ‘article’ but universities still struggle to see how to progress to a digital future. CAPDM has partnered with a number of UK universities over the years to become ‘digital ready’ too, but many fail to recognise this need and the potential of collaboration. Most do spend heavily on e-learning development however, but this is quite different from generating a sustainable business and income stream.

Together we can build your online success.

There are these successes, though. Many of our university clients including Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh Napier, West of Scotland and London’s International Academy have been seamlessly integrating digital publisher content into their own materials for many years now, for example. This is a sensible strategy as it gets them to market quickly, and it allows them to adopt the level of quality that the publishers provide, but to develop within an overall pedagogic model that is inherently a reflection of their own teaching and learning style.

CAPDM has been acting as a bridge between the digital ready publishers and these few digital ready higher education institutions for some years now, developing their individually branded and distinct online learning offerings. We would welcome the opportunity to help your institution fulfil its own ambitions in online education and global delivery, and to show how you how to develop an extremely efficient digital strategy and development capability.

Please do get in touch to see how we can help you.

Email me now.

Ken Currie
Director, CAPDM Ltd.

About the author
Ken Currie has been working with universities for over 25 years developing their strategies and businesses in online distance learning (ODL). In the early 1990s, he was the key designer/developer of the globally successful Heriot-Watt online MBA and undergraduate Management Programme, and has continued to develop ODL businesses with other institutions in the UK and beyond. In recent times he helped to initiate ‘Global Online’ at Edinburgh Napier, and the ‘One World’ MBA at West of Scotland universities, and currently works closely with the University of London?s International Academy.

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This newsletter was originally sent by CAPDM Ltd. on the 10. November 2016.

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