The Great Next UK Export – Higher Education?

The great next UK export – higher education?

Dear Reader,

Changes that impact Higher Education are sometimes predicted or planned.

Two recent developments might suggest that development of online distance programmes and businesses within universities might become a more serious focus for all.

First, have you read ‘College Disrupted: The Great Unbundling of Higher Education’ (Ryan Craig, Palgrave MacMillan, 2015)?

It is well worth the effort, even if you disagree with its many messages and dismiss it for being US oriented. We believe that many of its messages cannot be simply ignored.

For example, one chapter devoted to “America’s Next Great Export” contains the key message “Don’t import students. Export education”. We think that is a wake-up call to the UK!

It is about the potential future value, and perhaps the necessity, of being involved in online and hybrid (blended) learning. The claim, within, that online education has progressed more quickly in the US than in any other market, including the UK, is one that can be countered though by suggesting that online learning in the UK is more mature in places.

Our universities that are involved in online delivery tend to offer full programmes, rather than MOOCs. However there is no doubt though that when the messages of this book are acted on, then the world will tend to notice the US first.

If, as I believe, the UK does have stronger online and blended offerings in places, then this should be heralded. This belief is based on CAPDM’s experience of designing and developing businesses in online and blended learning within universities for 25 years, including some of the global leading programmes. We work predominantly in the UK, though ironically we were directly involved in the development of one of the US’s first online MBAs.

Second, many years ago we wrote a short briefing paper called ‘Treat all your students as Distance Learners’.

We think that the simple message is an important one, particularly in light of the recent Queen’s Speech.

It suggests a possible bill to ensure that:

  • more people have the opportunity to further their education;
  • it will be easier to form new universities;
  • choice and competition is promoted in higher education.

Combined with potential pressures from the US, the distance option and the outlook for UK universities is definitely changing.

CAPDM has the experience that addresses some of the issues that these influences raise.

Much of that experience is written up in short papers on our website, but we would welcome an opportunity to discuss these issues to see how we might be of help to you. Our experience has to be of great value if you are planning developments in online learning.

Yours sincerely,

Ken Currie, Director
CAPDM Ltd. – Learning Engineers
Capture, author, publish, deliver and manage your learning materials.

This newsletter was originally sent by CAPDM Ltd. on the 26. May 2016.

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