Now, Adaptive Learning for All



Now, Adaptive Learning For All

Over the years CAPDM?s university clients have pushed us to derive more and more benefit from their investment in their own learning materials, and to deliver an ever improving learning experience to their students.

All clients are encouraged to think of what makes good and lasting learning materials, and we design them for effective online distance delivery.? Together we have developed some of the truly leading examples of online distance learning to be found anywhere.? Slowly CAPDM is now able to offer its clients support for:

  1. Progress Profiling,?where students can see how their assessment achievement can highlight their level of understanding of assessments based on particular?Learning Objectives;
  2. Random?quiz generation, focussing on assessments based on the same?Learning Objectives?but where students have performed poorly;
  3. Dynamically generated?Adaptive Learning?pathways, suggesting where the focus of learning should be.
CAPDM?s approach to Adaptive Learning differs from all other providers: as with all our work, it is truly open and extensible, and able to be implemented on a range of platforms. ?We call it?ALFA???Adaptive Learning For All?? as it is neither restricted to proprietary platforms nor using ?black-box? algorithms that you have no control over.? It is also an option, not a mandatory part of an offering within any learning environment.

ALFA is inexpensive but not free!? While there is no financial hit to take with ALFA, it can only be as good as the content and metadata associated with that content.? Clients cannot avoid their own development responsibility, and need to invest in that extra bit of design and authoring effort to suitably enhance their content.

With an ever improving repository of high quality learning materials, CAPDM can deliver ? and continue to deliver ? ever improving online distance courses to a well-supported and motivated student base.

If you are developing online materials to support your students and a business in online distance learning we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about the strategy behind all of the clients developments touched on in our new?brochure.

You can find out about CAPDM at? call me on 0131 477 8632.

Yours sincerely,

Ken Currie

This newsletter was originally sent by CAPDM Ltd. on the 22. July 2015.

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