Enabling Global Reach in a University


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Enabling Global Reach in a University

Though it has been said many times before, it now seems appropriate to be saying ?Higher Education has entered a period of significant change?. ?This change, when combined with the opportunities generated by new digital technologies, new standards of professionalism and?competitiveness, has seen many universities considering expansion of their?operating model.

Resulting plans generally include an ambitious growth agenda, but one that must not detract from the enduring values of a university, in particular innovative critical thinking, an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning, and an understanding of the quality at the heart of all that a university does.? How can a university grow?? One obvious opportunity comes from the development of new online and distance learning programmes, to attract more students nationally and internationally and potentially access markets that have not traditionally been available to a university.? It also provides opportunities to students who have other professional or personal commitments, and it can be achieved with minimal impact on a university?s current infrastructure.? A number of UK universities have already seen success in this area.

However this does not come naturally for many universities.? They first need to create, or convince themselves that they have, a compelling business case to introduce a series of online distance learning courses, and they need to be certain that they have the necessary tools and capabilities to design, develop, launch and successfully operate a range of online courses. One obvious means of achieving this is to work with an established Online Distance Learning enabler with a proven track record of helping universities to provide a portfolio of degree courses that can be accessed by students nationally and internationally through Online Distance Learning.


CAPDM has been doing exactly this for over 20 years now from our origins at Heriot-Watt University, where we designed and developed their online MBA and undergraduate Management Programmes, to our current work with the University of London?s International Academy.? We would welcome the opportunity to convince your university that our experience – the background to which you can read about through this?link?- can help you to: develop a long term business plan and digital strategy; design an engaging online pedagogy to support all study modes; assist you to overcome the administrative challenges that will be encountered.? We?d also like to work with your academic staff to build your programmes too.

Some of our existing clients…

If you would like to have a discussion then please contact me at 0131 477 8632, or via email at?kwc@capdm.com.

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This newsletter was originally sent by CAPDM Ltd. on the 24. July 2016.

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