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CAPDM has an established track record of success spanning more than two decades in:

?- ?Developing digital strategies and online distance learning (ODL) businesses ?-
?- ?Delivering global education with university partners ?-?

During this time we have been directly responsible for the development of very significant, sustained income streams for these partners. CAPDM also helped to instil a cultural change that has refreshed internal approaches to the development and delivery of high quality educational resources.

Many universities are exploring the potential of massive open online courses (MOOCs) to help establish their global brand.? This should really be part of a wider digital and business strategy to establish ODL, or ?open? education, as part of normal practice in the institution.

MOOCs highlight some of the issues within an overall strategy for ODL, but also hide many other considerations.? CAPDM has summarised the elements of a holistic strategy in a diagram.? The diagram illustrates why taking the easy step towards ODL by replicating what is done on-campus has problems, as identified by the OU:

?Classic models of education cannot meet all our needs. Simply transferring those models online is not the most effective approach to open education.?

There are perhaps a number of reasons why a university finds it difficult to focus on ODL developments, but a key factor is lack of experience.? CAPDM?s decades of total involvement in ODL ? from consultancy to joint development ? can greatly assist with the transition involved.

CAPDM?s website?includes many short papers on our approach to the development of a workable strategy which you may find of great use.? If you are seriously looking into developing ODL as a sustainable business then our experience could prove to be extremely valuable.? We would be keen to demonstrate this and our recent advances in:

  • Online pedagogies and design
  • Support for content authors
  • Repository set-up and management
  • Course production and delivery tools
  • Progress profiling and adaptive feedback.

CAPDM only work with standards.? There is no proprietary lock-in with our approach ? we focus on the learning.

You can find out about CAPDM at?

I would be delighted to discuss how CAPDM can help you in more detail. Just drop me a call on 0131 477 8632.

Yours sincerely,

Ken Currie

This newsletter was originally sent by CAPDM Ltd. on the 03. September 2015.

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